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About Antelope Valley Art

Antelope Valley Art

Antelope Valley Art is comprised of a group of local artists working together to create a sustainable economy for creatives in the Antelope Valley. We do that by connecting with one another and partnering with local businesses.

We created AVArt.org to provide exposure to creatives living in the Antelope Valley. We showcase the great art being created in the AV as well as provide resources for all art, music, and theater events held in the AV.

We are 100% volunteer-run, so if you’re interested in becoming an Event Contributor or would like to help with News content, please contact us.

Antelope Valley Art’s creatives meet monthly at locally-owned businesses around the Antelope Valley. Meetings are free and open to all creative types. To find out the date, time, and location of our next meetup, check out our event calendar.

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Antelope Valley Art & Culture News

Read the latest about artists and news in the Antelope Valley art scene.

“Captain” Gabrielle

"As a victim turned survivor who has climbed to the rank of champion, I strive to express my journey thru my art." Contact Captain * All images and video used with permission. Please do not Read more…

The Backdoor Gallery

This past Friday (11/9/18) I stopped by The Backdoor Gallery (the newest segment of “The Lot”) which I had heard about via Facebook. While “The Lot” has been bringing arts and music to Lancaster BLVD Read more…

Julisa Jenks

I was inspired at an early age by the sounds of hooves, paws, and talons as an animal runs across a surface, as well as anthropomorphic animal characters in Japanese anime and video games. I Read more…

P.J. Wheeler

I've always had an interest in showing the human condition. Suffering inspires me. Unfortunately, due to long-term illness, I've had to point my camera from people to objects. My body hampers my ability to move, Read more…

Raymond Chesman

Art is my place to be, my sanctuary where magical creation is the norm. For over four decades, my passion for illustration and innovation has taken me to amazing creative heights. From Cathedrals, whimsical castles Read more…

Kaleidoscope Art & Music Festival 2018

Join Antelope Valley Art folks at Kaleidoscope Art & Music Festival tomorrow at Marie Kerr Park.  Held at the Palmdale Amphitheater, Kaleidoscope will be celebrating its third year. This artisan showcase features live music, food, craft beer, Read more…

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Connecting the Antelope Valley

We hope to foster creativity and connectivity in the Antelope Valley. We foresee an evolution of the AV into a more art-focused, sustainable culture. By partnering with local Cities and businesses, we strive for unity and self-sustainability through creativity and artistic endeavors.



Palmdale City Library, Transplants Brewing Company, Butler's Coffee, City of Palmdale




Graphic Experience Gallery, Lakes & Valleys Art Guild, MOAH

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