Sustainability via Creativity

“Captain” Gabrielle

“As a victim turned survivor who has climbed to the rank of champion, I strive to express my journey thru my art.” Contact Captain * All images and video used with permission. Please do not distribute without first contacting the artist.

Julisa Jenks

I was inspired at an early age by the sounds of hooves, paws, and talons as an animal runs across a surface, as well as anthropomorphic animal characters in Japanese anime and video games. I am currently driven by incorporating Kawaii fashion and Kawaii elements into my work. I like Read more…

Raymond Chesman

Art is my place to be, my sanctuary where magical creation is the norm. For over four decades, my passion for illustration and innovation has taken me to amazing creative heights. From Cathedrals, whimsical castles to compositional art. Nothing escapes my creative interests. Seeing others interested in art become excited Read more…

Wendy Allen

Since I have started doing what I want and not just what people are paying for I have found it’s a lot more freeing and the ideas flow. I hope to create more contemporary and socially relevant pieces in the near future.