Sustainability via Creativity

About CL Flors

I am an artist in the very fiber of my being. When I cannot create I cannot breathe.

I am currently writing the 3rd book of my four book science fiction series.


Progeny: A Science Fiction epic of humanity stolen and reclaimed. (Primogenitor Book 1)

Three hundred years in the future after stringent population control and eugenics programs have been adopted as the salvation of mankind, tensions on Earth drive a variety of malcontents to accept the singular opportunity to colonize Mars in exchange for reproductive freedom, but their varying viewpoints on the issue result in bitter conflicts and reluctant alliances as they struggle to forge a new path by salvaging ancient wisdoms cast aside centuries before.

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Antelope Valley Art

The goal of AVArt.org is to provide exposure to artists in Palmdale, Lancaster, Quartz Hill, and surrounding areas. We hope to foster creativity and connectivity in order to evolve into a more art-focused sustainable culture in the Antelope Valley. Antelope Valley Art: Sustainability via Creativity. Join the revolution! #AVArt