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I was originally raised in Palmdale and was always infatuated with Art. As a young child I was able to mimic images, I knew early on I had a ability to see the beauty in everything I could appreciate. In High School I started a Break Dancing group Known as The Exiles. I kept drawing and started applying myself much more into the arts carrying Drawing books all around town. Hoping to share my vision and talents with other teens that also had talents.

As I became a adult I self taught myself and applied my efforts at learning mainly reading books or watching videos. Picking up any advice from other artist, I was advised several times to try and learn to tattoo. So I did follow that path and that absolutely changed my life I'm grateful to God for my abilities and am thankful I can share all the mediums I've learned throughout the years.

I simply do art because I enjoy it and always encourage everyone to take a moment out there day to do the same. Unfortunately responsibilities come first. But it's so important to exercise your creativity and allow your mind some freedom. Life is what we paint it. The blood the sweat the tears.... The story of our lives.

Eroc a.k.a Tet

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