Sustainability via Creativity

All AV Artists by Name

“Captain” Gabrielle

“As a victim turned survivor who has climbed to the rank of champion, I strive to express my journey thru my art.” Contact Captain * All images and video used with permission. Please do not distribute without first contacting the artist.

Betty Ermey

I have always been drawn to art, both in the physical sense as well as visual. I spent years studying martial arts as well as belly dancing. I began painting a decade ago and have been exploring different mediums as well as style searching for what I hope to be my signature style.

Bunny Lang

I love to go about my work allowing my subconscious mind to reveal itself to me. It is quite a practice to balance between the principles of art and intuition; although they tend to become the same. This way of art making has helped me see and overcome many ego aspects of my personality and I love to explain my work to others, as they always see something different and when they hear my story around a piece they are often amazed at the depth of meaning.

Antelope Valley artist Bunny Lang on AVArt.org

Carolyn Riggsbee

In my need to explore and expand from traditional painting, I found the fluid art community and fell in love with the technique. With this technique, there is a ‘fusing art with technology’ facet. A piece can start with random elements, then be led to subsequent layers towards a subject, or just allowed to flow indiscriminately, creating an abstract work of combined colors and flow patterns. Various pouring mediums are used to obtain specific results and reactions within the pour, depending on if it has an acrylic or alcohol ink base. The result of the piece of art is that each one is unique and original.

Carolyn Riggsbee - Antelope Valley Artist


This state of absolute presence is very important to me (especially in today’s world of constant distractions) and every stroke I make is an autobiography of my feelings, self-control, and naked thoughts. Just Me, Myself, and I, laying it all out on the page.

Dalny Valdes

My father Sergio F. Valdes started me on my creative path. He was my original inspiration for my arts. Not only did I inherit my artistic talent from him but I would draw and paint to show him to gain his approval. My Mother is my greatest inspiration today.

Artist Dalny Valdes on AVArt.org

David Walker

With a vivid freshness, David Walker breathes life and emotion into his artwork depicting the struggle and unity of mankind in the world around us.

Over the years he has developed a strong interest in capturing people in a frozen moment of time . . .

David A. Walker on AVArt.org

DC Few

In my view, where I am today is an on going process that is connected to my past service and overall compassion for others. Through my art work, I express the belief that love and peace throughout our world is achievable. Also, through art, I aim to inspire others with the faith and courage to support reaching that goal of world peace.

Emmanuel Gomez

I’m still enthralled with creating my own images. I’ve spent a couple of years studying under various instructors who have inspired me till this day. I hope to see photography and all the arts brought to the forefront of our community, where artists have a chance to inspire one another, and all upcoming artists have a chance to come into the limelight.

Antelope Valley photographer Emmanuel Gomez on AVArt.org


I grew up a vandal graffiti artist – loved it since I was 15yrs old. As I got older, I changed my ways and wanted more positive in my life for me and my kids… definitely happy with my life change and the positive influences that follow.

Antelope Valley Graffiti Artist Flare on AVArt.org

Frank Robert Dixon

As a child Frank Dixon loved to read fairy tales. At age 7 he started writing his own stories and drawing pictures to go with them. His whole life he has loved looking at and creating magical fantasy paintings. Some of his most memorable images are of his imaginary world of “Treetch” (tree creatures).

Lightninghead by Antelope Valley Artist Frank Robert Dixon on AVArt.org

John Montoya

The burden of creativity drives me. The written word drives most of my creations. I have produced films, music and theatre between San Francisco and New York City. I wish to do the same here in the Antelope Valley. Though art can be, and at times needs to be, a solitary activity, collaborations are tremendous fun and larger media projects require creative and artistic conspiracy. I seek out and invite both types of expression into my life.

John Montoya

Julisa Jenks

I was inspired at an early age by the sounds of hooves, paws, and talons as an animal runs across a surface, as well as anthropomorphic animal characters in Japanese anime and video games. I am currently driven by incorporating Kawaii fashion and Kawaii elements into my work. I like Read more…

Lisa Wade

Since I love painting nature living in the A.V. is great, because we experience much of the four changing seasons. I have learned to walk with a camera. It is great to witness all of the new artist culture that is being brought to the A.V. for the community to get involved with.

Lisa Wade on AVArt.org


I believe in the power of art for arts sake. There is a lot of power in a piece to bring out emotion, whether we are aware of this or not. We are attracted to something because it is a projection of our unconscious feelings. This interaction helps us to remain curious and aware to the beautiful world around us.

Karen in Chartreuse by Antelope Valley artists MAGZ MARZ on AVArt.org

Mario Miranda

In addition to writing, I enjoy exercise, and learning about fitness and health. I also love art, especially 20th century paintings. Another interest is history. A particular period that I find fascinating is the second half of the 20th Century. Everything, from political events to the popular music from the 1950s up to the close of the century are of interest to me.

Miguel Ayala

Miguel Ayala is a website and graphic designer with over 6 years experience who specializes in branding and print design. Aside from being a designer. Miguel is a marketing pro and a brand developer. He grew up in the Antelope Valley in Southern California and has always had a passion for art and creativity.

Nat Acosta

“My hell is a blank piece of paper staring back at me.”

Sometimes, I  have the desire to make art, but I don’t know where to go with it, and it becomes this forced thing. There are other times, where I just let go and it flows through me. Those are the most precious moments to me, it gives me the feeling that this is what I was made to do. This is where my heart is.

Nat Acosta

P.J. Wheeler

I’ve always had an interest in showing the human condition. Suffering inspires me. Unfortunately, due to long-term illness, I’ve had to point my camera from people to objects. My body hampers my ability to move, so I’ve had to push myself to work within the constraints of my limited mobility. Read more…

Raymond Chesman

Art is my place to be, my sanctuary where magical creation is the norm. For over four decades, my passion for illustration and innovation has taken me to amazing creative heights. From Cathedrals, whimsical castles to compositional art. Nothing escapes my creative interests. Seeing others interested in art become excited Read more…

Sarah Hofstedt

Sarah Hofstedt is a self-taught artist working primarily with acrylic and ink. Cosmic colors and surreal subjects are central to her work, and she strives to create androgynous, nymph-like creatures with an unsettling element hidden in their appearances.

Image by Antelope Valley Artist on Sarah Hofstedt AVArt.org


Inspired by art itself, the ideology that art can make a person feel different, think different and move crowds. I am motivated to help the antelope valley become a colorful place. Surrealism, photorealism, and abstract are three movements I am drawn to.

My Grandfather by Selina Barraza on AVArt.org


Tywon TyRex Brownlee is a multi media artist from Chicago Illinois. He works primarily in acrylic paints but also regularly works with illustration markers, inks, and graphite as well as digital design and illustration, vector art, and photography. 

Antelope Valley Artist TyRex on AVArt.org

Wendy Allen

Since I have started doing what I want and not just what people are paying for I have found it’s a lot more freeing and the ideas flow. I hope to create more contemporary and socially relevant pieces in the near future.