Sustainability via Creativity

This past Friday (11/9/18) I stopped by The Backdoor Gallery (the newest segment of “The Lot”) which I had heard about via Facebook. While “The Lot” has been bringing arts and music to Lancaster BLVD for the past 6 months, this was the first time that there has been a formal exhibition space.

In partnership with Spadefox Gaming Arena, “The Lot” is ran by Gabrielle and her team, who are devoted to transforming an unused parking lot into a safe and inviting space for young adults to express themselves creatively on a weekly basis. The most recent component to The Lot is The Backdoor Gallery, which used to be an old office space.

The first show features work by engaged couple Gabrielle and Lysander Xanthus. The hallways were covered top to bottom with original drawings by Lysander, and Gabrielle’s work filled the back room with two-dimensional and three-dimensional works (including a large piece laid on the floor!).

The show will be up for the next couple weeks, and viewing availability will vary. Please check The Lot’s Facebook page for updated days and times. If you would like to support The Lot’s mission of providing a safe and creative space, donations are excepted on Patreon.

*Featured image shows works by Lysander Xanthus

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